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Created in 1988, the company is involved in the design and manufacturing of medical leds and lasers for various applications.

Biophoton presents its range of production equipment and laser leds:
Triwings®, Digilase, Oncolase®, New Travellers

Biophoton, ISO13485 certified since 1996, produces devices with aerospace quality, allowing to the doctor a continued use for an extended lifetime.

Indeed, the failure rate, with statistics from the quality system is less than 1/1000
Biophoton exports its equipment in many countries, as a guarantee of quality and expertise.


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Biophoton SA, 35 rue leon blum - 31140 Saint Alban France - tel : 0561703455 - Fax : 0561703565 - Email : e-mail triWings


LASERS and LEDS of our manufacture


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Triwings Expert

Triwings Classic Triwings PDT Triwings Body Digilase Oncolase Travellers New
Plastic surgery, Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmétology Anti age Whole body Dental laser Cancerology Physiotherapy

In 2012 : world Innovation for Triwings ; the photodynamic therapy (PDT) without PAIN

Triwings range, thanks to its patented cooling system, allows an high level of treatments / day for many years, with estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours, a world record.

Triwings Body ® is designed for anti-aging treatment of the whole body.

Digilase™ : fiber laser, compact, dental use.
Treatment of dental diseases: pain, inflammation, wound healing.

Oncolase™ is the first athermal laser for preventive and curative treatments of radio and chemo induced mucositis and epithelitis.

Travellers New : athermal scanning and fiber laser for the treatment of pathological areas from acupuncture points to large surfaces.