Conception & manufacturing lasers and leds devices



Medical applications of laser athermal began there more than 25 years and they are extended to all areas of medicine.

The lack of cons-indications of harm, the possibility to add other physical therapies or pharmacological therapy are simple, with an efficiency validated by numerous scientific studies and clinical observations and double blind.
Most work has been done with red lasers infraouge, together in the same department, a world exclusive biophoton.

Therapy increased progressively from the athermal laser LED applications for external use, the laser continues to be used for applications with endocardial its optical fiber.

Indeed, the LED can have several wavelengths in the visible spectrum, thus increasing the possibilities of application to the skin, ranging from effects on inflammation, scarring and pain, to the effects germicide and pigment.

Currently, developments in higher light powers to limit the thermal effect, allow the quick results with visible effects after the first session.

The LED (light emitting diode) are a weapon of choice in the armamentarium.
The document  " Triwings science 2012"  presents a summary of the effects, results and work.
Reading is for the medical profession, the document can be sent upon request by filling in the contact form.