Conception & manufacturing lasers and leds devices

Principle of action

All scientific and double-blind clinical studies, demonstrate effects on pain, inflammation and healing.


The basic effect is the conversion of photon energy inside the tissue by the photoelectric effect on proteins, as well as conversion of the photon energy in the mitochondria via the cytochrome oxydase, leading to cellular energy charging.
This photoelectric effect, described by Einstein on metals, granted him with the Nobel Prize in Physics.
A photon of energy E = hµ (en eV) can be reflected, absorbed or transmitted or re-emitted.
Part is absorbed at the protein level by their electrons 'pi'.
The activation energy provided by the photon assets varies from 1.5 to 3 eV (from IR to violet)
The pi electrons absorb the energy from a normal state or an excited state disturbed or normal according to the condition of starting the treated fabric. This action is an action ONLY re-balancing energy and can lead to ionization effects if the wavelengths not "descend" not to UVB.
In healthy tissue or normal or returned to normal after treatment, the electron population will continue to absorb the photon energy but will re-transmit and transmit more disturbed than him.
Tissue penetration of the radiation is a function of the wavelength, the power density, and especially its absorbance photonics, depending on the condition illuminated fabric.

Note that pain, as information can be stopped or changed in 2 ways:

  • By disappearance of the painful site, including improving the bioelectrical above biological improvement  
  • By disrupting the transmission of nerve impulses in sensory fibers by a frequency blocking effect of polarization / depolarization of nerve fibers, depending on their diameter and their myelin insulation
  • By 2 actions in sequence or in combination

This result can be obtained with a frequency modulation of the light emission, which is an inverse function of the conduction velocity of the fiber, measurable with an EMG.
This approach seems to be confirmed by the presence of a rebound effect which increases the pain; frequency modulation, rather than disturbing the transmission, by the effect amplifies "swing".  
This modification of the optical behavior of the fabric gives information on the condition of it and the amount of energy expressed in Joules/cm2 which is necessary to move from a perturbed state to a normal state of a point bioelectrical view.  

Triwings is the only material capable of emitting light athermal high density in continuous and / or pulsed Special avoid habituation and hyper-algesic effect.

This mode of action, validated by the work of scientists from some of the world specialists electroporation cell, demonstrate the effects described above.
It should be noted that the intimate mode of action allows quick results without direct thermal effect on the tissue illuminated, no side effects and no risk of overdose.
Light, once the diagnosis is established, bring development report practitioner / patient.