Conception & manufacturing lasers and leds devices


THE WORLD'S MOST EFFICIENT LED SYSTEM for photodynamic therapy


Violet-Blue , IR1 & IR2, Yellow & Green, Red 1 & Red 2

The LED bio process action has
the following effects:

• Repolarization of the cell membran. (CNRS Toulouse France)
• Tissue modification of the «free water / bound water»ratio for an anti-inflammatory effect. (Pool GBM Univ. Toulouse France)
• Absorption by the cytochrome oxydase with stimulation of cell metabolism. (Univ. Genova Italia)
• Activation of the dermal papillae increasing blood microcirculation (Vinscience Laboratories, Sofia Antipolis, France)

The LED bio process action has the following effects :

triWings® scientific works and clinical studies allow to know the biological action
and to use safely the led therapy.

triWings® is the world first Medical Device able to combine different bright and
powerful colours that have a direct effect on skin diseases and pre-cancerous lesions using PDT.

triWings® treatments combine multiple colours and decrease pain and inflammation, to treat burns and help to repair the injured skin.

triWings® doesn’t heat up the skin and sessions are therefore painless and safe for the patient.


• Fluence programming from 3 to 156j/cm²
• Power density up to 125 mW/cm² at 10cm
• Programming mode : continuous, pulsed
• Panels : 3 panels of 120 x 280 mm of 160 x 1W HiPower LEDs
• Skin to panel distance up to 15cm, thanks to small emission angle
• Electric supply from 90 to 250 V, 50/60 Hz, 600W
• Overall Size : 185 x 50 x 40 Weight: 35 kgs
• Warranty : 2 years parts and labor in plant


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