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The strech marks

The deeper layers of the skin contain collagen fibers and elastic fibers.
These fibers maintain soft skin, providing elasticity and skin resistance during stretching.

If the skin is subjected to a brutal stretch, the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers leads to the appearance of stretch marks.

The color of the stretch marks is usually dark purple at the beginning of their evolution, then pink, then white pearl.
Stretch marks usually appear on the convex areas of the body (hips, buttocks, breasts, thighs ...)

80% of women and 50% of men have stretch marks.


    • Pregnancy,
    • In adolescence,
    • Due to weight gain
    • Following a rapid weight loss



Triwings is a well known treatment for the disappearance or the reduction of stretch marks red and white

White stretch marks after dermabrasion and Triwings
Vergetures blanches après dermabrasion

Belly stretch marks after treatment Triwings
Belly stretch marks after treatment Triwings


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