Conception & manufacturing lasers and leds devices



Today, LEDs are placed at the service of medicine.
NASA researchers have found that a poorly exposed skin in natural light to regenerate poorly or very slowly.
They thus had the idea diodes whose wavelength in the visible is capable of stimulating regeneration mechanisms of human cells.

The first applications date back to a decade with LED.
Practitioners have begun to treat actinic kérastoses, pre-cancerous lesions of the skin, exposing them to the cold light of the LED combined with a topical photoactivatable the ALA 5.
The results are very convincing and treatment leaves no scar.
This type of treatment tends to spread widely.

The company designs Biophoton these materials for medical applications and para-medical.
For over twenty years, specializing in light applied to health problems, enjoys an excellent reputation in the medical world.
The main results described in the module "Treatments" relate to the treatment of inflammation, scarring, pain, and recently the pigment and germicidal.